Friday, 29 April 2011

Life love and politics oh wait !!!!!!! It's actually all about food.

I have discovered  fantastic pasta sheets from my local organic store.
For all you pasta lovers you will appreciate having access to pasta that doesn’t hurt the stomach.
They are great in lasagna and tastes delicious

Sweet Potato Gnocchi


1kg Sweet Potato
250-300g Spelt whole meal flour
Sea Salt


1. Steam Sweet potatoes in their skins, drain, then peel (with a small sharp
knife) when cool enough to not burn your fingers
2. Mash by hand or in food processor, fold in sieved flour and salt and combine well
3. For ease of handling, divide into four, lightly flour bench, and roll each into a long sausage approx 2cm in diameter
4. Cut into approx 1.5cm thick pieces, once rounded place a fork indent into the side so you have a slight indent and throw into a large pan of boiling salted water
5. Gnocchi is ready when all pieces rise to the surface. Drain well, and serve with your choice of pasta sauce.

For a pasta sauce please see past blog

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