Thursday, 14 April 2011

Great Australian race

Yesterday I decided to walk home from work.
The walk is approximately 6.8 km and I gave myself an hour to try and complete it in.

The walk involves hills, busy city streets and crossing the Brisbane river.

I set out on this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm and felt afterwards that I had conquered a mountain.

The walk was hard as I kept up a pace of  approx 7km hour (walking speed).

By the end of it I was incredibly red faced, my thighs were burning and I was definitely at my limit.

I was glad I had done this challenge and plan to embark on it again tomorrow (Friday), weather permitting.

The walk took me 65 minutes to complete and that involved my cool down period at the end where I took on the last 1 km at a slower place.

My goal tomorrow is to complete it in under 60 mins.

I will let you know how I go.

Last night while shopping I discovered these amazing spelt wraps
I have tried them and they are great.
Spelt bread is an awesome bread to eat if you are Fodmap intolerant
There is nothing in the bread that can cause bloating or bowl discomfort.

Great for making wraps for lunch, using them in Mexican meals and great to use as a pizza base.
You can find them at your local organic supplier or wholefoods store.

I found mine at Fundamental Food store in Paddington Brisbane

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