Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Brand New Day

For the last month I have gone silly with my eating habits.
I have not been helping my poor body cope.

The foods that I have been putting in my month would turn anyone Fructose Intolerant cross eyed.
I am very disappointed in myself.
I should know better.

So this week I have decided to hit the health kick hard.
It is time to change a few habits I think.

When you first start something new you have the drive to apply it and when you start feeling great you tend to stick with it a little longer until you start to feel too good and you decided "oh I will just try a little of that"

Then before you know it old habits that you thought where dead are alive again.

Habits are something us humans find so easy to keep but commitments seem to die fast.
The best way to control or correct a habit is to remove the stimulus that forms the habit from occurring.

So I think how I will be tackling my little habitual issue is by removing the foods I can not eat.


Compost Worms you are going to be having a party tonight.

I will be avoiding the foods at the supermarket I can not partake in.
Also I will be avoiding eating out for the next couple of weeks.

I find that when I start eating something I tend to get more and more relaxed and before I know it I am back feeling sick again and stuffing "Bad foods" into my mouth.

So today is a new day and a new start.
Goal 1: To exercise, run or walk 4 km for the next week everyday.
Goal 2: To eat only Fodmap friendly foods eat 2 servings of meat a week and to eat lots of veggies.

Wish me luck guys.

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