Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gluten Free Pasta in Home MadeTomato Sauce

Serves 2 people
Estimated Calories 220 pp

2 cups of Gluten free pasta
1 Chilli
6 Roma Tomatoes peeled
Small bunch of fresh Chives roughly chopped
Small bunch of Basil roughly chopped
Small bunch of Parsley roughly chopped
1 tablespoon of Garlic infused Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt
Small knob of Ginger
2 tablespoons of Lime Juice

1/2 cup grated Parmesan


Boil Pasta according to directions on packet.

Lightly saute in a saucepan Oil, Chives, Ginger, Lime Juice, Salt and Chilli.
Add peeled Roma Tomatoes and bring to the boil.
Allow the liquid to reduce then take off the heat to cool.

Use a potato masher or stick blender to puree the Tomato Sauce.
Add Chives, Basil and Parsley to the sauce and heat through until it slightly boils

Wash and Drain pasta
 Add sauce to Pasta in a clean mixing bowl and stir sauce through evenly

Serve pasta in two bowls, sprinkling Parmesan over the top of the Pasta.

It's ready to eat.

Bon appetite

Hope you all like it, I did.


  1. I was told not to eat tomatoes because there is fructose in them How do you get away with it in this recipe?

  2. BTW,,,,this looks very good!!!!!